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Modified 07/26/2016 Grady Christie The Central Tradition, almost as old as the trucking industry itself, is a simple one. First, find energetic and dependable people. In many cases, they're the same outstanding employees and upper management your business has been depending on for many years. That kind of long-term employee is commonplace at Central. We have been making your pickups and deliveries and providing millions of miles of accident-free service for over 88 years.
History of Central Freight
2020 Central Freight Lines won Carrier of the Year from GlobalTranz
2020 Central Freight Lines announces Simplified LTL Shipping Service to and from CFL Mexico, CFL Puerto Rico and CFL Hawaii
2020 Central Freight Lines celebrating 95 years of service
2019 Central Freight Lines takes possession of 100+ brand new 2020 Kenworth Freightliners
2018 Tom Botsios appointed President and COO
2017 Central Freight Lines acquired Wilson; new division was created with an increase of 80 terminals
2017 Recognition award to Central Freights Lines for Strategic Participation in the Fourth Annual Texas Truck Show
2016 Central Freight Lines was awarded the Fleet Award
2015 Central Freight Lines is recognized by GlobalTranz as October 2015 Spotlight Carrier
2014 Central acquires DTI, a Georgia LTL carrier, adding the entire State of Georgia to Central's footprint: (08/08/2014) 4
2014 Central awarded Grand Trophy for safety by the Texas Trucking Association
2014 Central awarded 1st Place Fleet Safety Award by the Texas Trucking Association
2014 Lavoy Grider selected by the Texas Trucking Association as 2014 Texas Driver of the Year
2014 Commercial Carrier Journal reports Central Freight as one of the Top 250 For-Hire Trucking Companies
2013TMTA - Texas Driver of The Year - Gary Babbitt, Dallas Line Driver
2013Central purchases 25 Freightliner straight trucks to add to fleet
2013Central purchases additional 200 - 2014 Freightliner Diesel Tractors
2013Central opens first CNG Fueling Station in Houston partnering with Questar
2013ATA selects Gary Babbitt, Dallas Line Driver, as National Driver of the Year
2013Heavy Duty Trucking selects Central Freight Lines as one of the Top 50 Green Fleets in America
2013 NGV Industry presents Central Freight Lines with Natural Gas Industry Achievement Award
2013TMTA - Texas Driver of The Year - Gary Babbitt, Dallas Line Driver
2013Dallas Terminal moves to new location in Dallas to better serve their customer base
2013Central Freight purchases 100 CNG Freightliner Tractors
2013Central Freight purchases 400, 28' Pup Trailers
2013 Central Freight expands into Tennessee and Wisconsin new terminals in: Nashville, Chattanooga and Milwaukee with the acquisition of Circle Delivery of Tennessee.
2013Central Freight purchases 400, 28' Hyundai pup trailers
2012ATA National Driver of the Year - Ron Fuller, Central Freight Fort Worth Line Driver
2012TMTA 1st Place P&D Fleet Safety Award
2012ATA 3rd Place Truck Safety Award
2012Inbound Logistics Top 100 Motor Carrier
2012Transport Topics Top 100 for-Hire Carrier
2012Commercial Carrier Journal Top 250 For-Hire Trucking Companies
2012 Central Freight, one of the first LTL carriers to purchase CNG powered tractors to protect the environment and reduce dependency on foreign fuels
2012 Mr. Ron Fuller, CFL Fort Worth Line Driver, was selected as the 2012 Texas Driver of the Year by the Texas Motor Transportation Association
2011ATA Awards Central Freight Lines
Truck Safety Contest
  • 2nd Place - General Commodities LTL/Local
  • 3rd Place - General Commodities Truckload/Line-Haul
  • 3rd Place - General Commodities/LTL
Industrial Safety Contest
  • 3rd Place General Commodities LTL/Line-Haul
2011Central Freight Founder Mr. W.W. Callan inducted into the Texas Transportation Institute Hall of Honor during the TMTA Conference in Lost Pines, Texas
2011TMTA awards Central Freight Texas P & D Drivers with 1st Place Fleet Safety Award
2011Mr. Gary Babbitt selected by ATA as Captain of America’s Road Team for 2011/12
2010Mr. Anthony Jones, CFL Houston Line Haul Driver, was selected as the 2010 Texas Driver of the Year by the Texas Motor Transportation Association
2010National Driver of the Year – Mr. Anthony Jones – CFL Houston Line Driver was selected as the 2010 National Driver of the Year by the American Trucking Association
2010Central awarded 2010 Grand Safety Trophy as presented by the Texas Trucking Association
2010Selected by Inbound Logistics Publication as one of the "Top 100 Carriers" in 2010
2009Central partners with EPA as a SmartWay Transport Partner
2009CFL Network provides service to Idaho, Utah, Minnesota and Wisconsin
2009Central initiates a Time-Definite Guarantee Delivery Program – Delivery by 10:30 AM or 5:00 PM
2009Central selected as one of the Top 100 Motor Carriers by Inbound Logistics Magazine
2009The CFL Network expands to provide service to 49 States
2008Don Orr becomes President & CEO of Central Freight Lines
2008Central receives the 2008 American Trucking Association President’s Trophy
2008CFL Network provides service to Colorado
2006Central transitions from a publicly traded company to a privately held enterprise by a merger with North American Truck Lines, LLC and Green acquisition Company, controlled by Mr. Jerry Moyes.
2005Central awarded Carrier Of The Year by Direct Logistics
2004For the fourth time, Central wins the prestigious ATA President’s Trophy.
2003Central Freight Lines goes public.
2003Central receives Regional Carrier Of The Year award from Exel Logistics 2
1999Central signs contract to acquire Intrastate Arizona Carrier, Jaguar Fast Freight. Central continues westward expansion into California and Nevada with purchase of Vecta Transportation Systems, Inc. of Sacramento, California.
1997 On June 30th, an investment group led by a group of senior Central management purchases selected assets of the former Central Freight Lines from Viking Freight and reopens as a new Central Freight Lines.
1996Central becomes the Southwestern Division of Viking Freight, Inc.
1995On January 1, federal legislation deregulates intrastate common carrier trucking nationwide. Central is named the 1994–95 Regional LTL Carrier of the Year by NASSTRAC, a national shipper organization and traffic management industry trade publication. Joe Hall becomes Central's fifth president. On December 14, Roadway Services, Inc. becomes Caliber Systems, Inc. and on December 18, the consolidation of Central, Coles, Spartan, and Viking Freight Systems into Viking Freight, Inc. is announced, creating a nationwide freight carrier, and beginning the closure of Central's Waco corporate headquarters.
1994Central expands into Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. Later, Central expands into Illinois and Mississippi.
1993On March 27, employee-owners and direct shareholders of Central approve the purchase of the company by Roadway Services, Inc. On April 11, Central officially becomes a part of Roadway and joins the Roadway Regional Group. Central begins service in Louisiana.
1992Central expands to Arkansas, New Mexico, and Tennessee. Tom Clowe is named Central's fourth president. In October, Woody, Jr. and Diana Braswell retire, selling their stock to the Employees Profit Sharing and Retirement Plan making Central truly an employee owned company. On November 23, Roadway Services, Inc. and Central reach an agreement in principle for Central to be purchased by Roadway.
1991Central receives 48-state interstate operating authority and expands into Oklahoma.
1990Tom Clowe joins Central as executive vice president and chief operating officer. 1
1987W. W. Woody Callan Sr .Chairman of the Board - passes away.
1986Central employees honor Woody Callan, Sr. with a specially-designed 48-foot trailer.
1984Central purchases Curry Motor Freight and Perry Motor Freight.
1984Central receives the 1984 American Trucking Association President’s Trophy.
1979Central ranks 33rd on list of Top 100 Class 1 carriers
1979Woody Callan, Jr., becomes Central's third president.
1978Central becomes the first motor carrier to be honored with the Materials Handling Leadership Award from the Society of Packing and Handling Enterprise
1952R. H. Linam becomes Central's second president. An employee stock purchase plan is established.
1950’sCentral is the first carrier in the country to install an under-the-floor towveyor chain system in a terminal
1940Central Federal Credit Union officially opens its doors.
1938Central Freight Lines Dallas Facility becomes the largest freight facility in the world.
1932Central opens its first company-owned facility, the terminal and general office on 13th Street in Waco
1929The Texas Legislature establishes intrastate trucking regulations and the Railroad Commission of Texas. W.W. Callan has to separate Central Forwarding’s household goods moving business, which became known as; Central Forwarding, Inc., from the company’s general freight transportation known as Central Freight Lines, Inc.
1927 Central incorporated and instituted regular routes between Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin
1925Central Freight Lines is founded in Waco, Texas. W.W. “Woody” Callan Sr. buys a Model T and drives from Waco to Dallas to pick up some goods for a Waco merchant, thus starting Central Forwarding and Warehouse company