The purpose of this web page is to display transit times in days to points serviced by Central Freight Lines
Created by Grady Christie on 7/13/2015. ================ Modification Log: 09/06/2015 - add a grid view control to keep track of user submissions (last 20) - Grady Christie 11/14/2015 - change the first ground guaranteed service verbiage to the simply guaranteed delivery service package -- Grady Christie 03/19/2016 - corrected a flaw in the underlying stored procedure which returned duplicate city names and zip codes. Used distinct keyword in query. Grady Christie 04/03/2017 -- changed all service points for carrier WTVA (Wilson trucking) to show as direct points instead of partner service. Modified by Grady Christie

Route Guide/Transit Times

Pickup point
Delivery point
Select pickup and delivery points by typing a city name or zip code.

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